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How we do it

• In its launch period, founder members of 3D-Outreach have carried out short-term outreach projects to various areas in Africa and abroad.

• 3D-Outreach now recognizes that greater work can be done if more time was allocated, and if more people could get involved, equipped with their personal skills, abilities, and resources.
• In this way, deeper relationships can be built with local communities, and more significant activities can be carried out.

• 3D-Outreach functions under the philosophy that there should be mutual reaching out from both those in need of help and the helpers, putting into practice principles of participation and empowerment, whereby both are enriched by what is given.

• The strategy endeavors to work under the guidance of experienced long term outreach workers in the various regions. We thus become a resource and support to these specialists, accelerating their desired outcomes.

• 3D-Outreach therefore sees itself as a facilitator, creating tangible and accessible methods for volunteers to reach out to others, without the cost of having to abandon their everyday life. These methods are explained briefly in this brochure and include a trained associate outreach teams (year program), training and development programs, relief outreach networks, and consultation opportunities. Luke 4:18,19