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Meet the 2007 Team

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 4 April 2007

Here you have an opportunity to meet each of our new internship team members. Each intern was asked to describe why they want to join the 1 year missions internship team with 3D-Outreach. Their answers, and accompanying mug-shot, are shown below.

As the year progresses we will bring you more news and info about our interns. We’ll get more about their personal growth as well as the work they are doing.

Solomon Bam

Age: 30

From: Port St. Johns

Solomon is the team leader and had this to say: “In this year I would like to see a development in my life, through 3D-Outreach. A development in all areas of my life, including spiritually and personally.”

Sindile Vabaza

Age: 18

From: Margate

“I joined 3D-Outreach because I was, and am, really impressed with their vision. It speaks of the upliftment of often downtrodden communities and people, something which was very close to Jesus’ heart. I felt pulled towards the awesome ministry! My time with 3D-Outreach will provide opportunities for growth and I thinki I will be challenged radically on a personal and spritual level. I hope that God uses me in a dynamic and different, but powerful way. Most of all I hope to know and maybe see God like I have never seen him before.”

Bethia Feldon

Age: 19

From: Plettenberg Bay

“My expectation is to have a closer relationship with God and that I’ll grow and rise to a higher dimension. It is also to be stretched and molded the way that God sees fit. I believe this will be an awesome year – on of growth, team work and maturity. It will be beyond what I can imagine. All the glory to God for what he has started and yet to do.”

Charlot Sindiswa Koi

Age: 27

From: Soweto

“My expectation is to listen ‘today’ what the Spirit is saying to me. To encourage ‘today’ my brothers and sisters who are keen on hearing what God has to say to them. To share ‘today’ in what Christ is doing through the gospel. I ecpect to hear from God on a daily basis, what his purpose is for me.

I want (desire) God to work in me and through me, in touching peoples lives, so we can all redifine ourselves and be able to call ourselves sons and daughters of his majesty.”

Thulani Boyboy Mahlangu

Age: 21

From: Mohlakeng

“Firstly it would be a great pleasure for me to go out of my way and share my blessings with the people out there. I want to see myself being part of God’s team, sharing my gifts and talents with God’s people and the team. I want to see myself making a difference in God’s peoples lives. Telling them how much God loves them and cares for them in their suffering. I believe it will be a wonderful experience in my own life because I am willing to care for, love and serve my brothers and sisters out there. I want to go out there and encourage God’s people, telling them that God loves them and that God never abandons his own people.”

Luthando Brian Jusili

Age: 21

From Kimberly

“God does not look at the outer, but the inner spirit of a person. I am here because I look forward to sharing my talents with people who serve God my saviour; and learn more about my God almighty; and go out to the world and spread the word of the most high in a positive way, because a glowing tribute to God, whose light shines in the darkness to rescue all those who have lost their path, is what I am.”

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