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Computers for Zimbabwe

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 April 2007

Mission: Deliver computers to Morgenster Mission

Team: Cynthia (Leader), Nathan and Paul

As we left Johannesburg on Friday Saturday Sunday… Monday, our faith was already being tested. Delays in our departure, caused by missing registration papers for our vehicle had already reduced our outreach time by 3 days. The vehicle papers were lodged with the wrong bank by the dealer, it’s a long story… However, even when frustration was growing, God shone his light ahead of us. The missionaries to whom we were taking the computers announced that they were in South Africa collecting a new vehicle for the mission. We would therefore be able to travel back into Zimbabwe with them if we left on Monday. What a blessing it was to have Rev. Murray and his wife Susan with us on what turned out to be a much longer than anticipated journey.

Now that we were meeting the Murray’s we felt much better about leaving only on the Monday. We travelled up on Monday afternoon, arriving in Tsipese in the evening. Rev. Murray had arranged accommodation for us all at the camping ground in Tsipese. The plan was to leave early on Tuesday morning for the border and get across the border as quickly as we could. Our plans are not God’s plans and, evidently, he had not finished with our lessons in patience. 12 Hours after arriving at the border post we eventually set foot (or wheel) on Zimbabwean soil. It was now 12:30 am! Being so late we decided the best was to find a place to sleep the rest of the night. Wednesday lunchtime we finally arrived at Morgenster mission near Masvingo.

We learn as we go that trips into Africa never go as planned! Our lesson in patience was now finished and now our lesson in flexibility was about to begin. No matter how well you plan there is always something left out. In this case we hadn’t really put enough thought into how we were going to power all these computers. On the spot we were turned into amateur electrician as we worked to re-wire the library to accommodate 4 computers from it’s power points.

Our delayed departure also put pressure on our schedule. We had to work long,hard hours to fit in all the work we needed to do. Eight computers needed to be installed and configured along with their printers. Rev. Murray’s old computers needed their data transferred to the new. We even found time to sort through their old equipment and managed to get 1 working computer from all the scrap!

By Sunday all 3 of us, Cynthia, Nathan and I, were dead on our feet. We faced the long journey home, with a thankfully shorter border crossing, arriving in the early hours of Monday morning.

Lessons in patience, endurance and flexibility were well learned. When all the struggles were done what remained was the joy of the students at the gift they had been given. For the first time they would have ample computers on which to do their assignments. It was truly a blessing to be a part of providing this gift to the students and teachers of the Morgenster Mission Theological College.

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