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Mozambique Team Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 28 May 2007

We finally have an update from our team in Mozambique. Each of the team members has written a short letter about how things are going and how they are coping in this challenging experience. I have included all of the letters in this one article to make it easier to read.


My life has totally changed from what it used to be, God has blessed me so much with spiritual growth and the things that I wanted Him to show to me.

In these two months alone, I have learnt how to live in a foreign country. God put a new song in my mouth every day to praise Him and to do all my tasks as a team leader.

It really touched my spirit to learn about the political system in this country, and to learn more about doing ministry in rural communities. I thank God for this.


It is wonderful to be God’s servant yet challenging, but one thing I do know that when we do sacrifices out of love to those in need we are letting Christ’s love shine through us.

Life here in Mozambique is not easy. My battles are with the language and the air. It is so humid at time. Now we are experiencing winter in a form of strong wind currents that bring rain with.

I am glad that through your prayer and support, doors and opportunities for ministry are being opened.

I have had the opportunity to be invited to 2 weddings. But what touched my soul was when I, together with my team members, had to walk down to the village to bring medication to a little girl who had an ear infection. Everyday for a week twice a day we went walking down to the village to see the family and the little girl. As we were walking I would be praying for her healing and for God to speak through this family just by our support and care. To be involved in that process felt like I was living out scripture when Jesus would heal kids in His ministry.


Ministry here happens by God’s grace. I have made good contact with the people, especially in that I try speaking Shangaan. Communication is by far a huge hindrance, but our Portuguese lessons combined with my broken Shangaan helps me get by.

Malaria is a terrible killer disease here. I had it a week ago. After being bitten by a mozzie, I suddenly had a bad headache that would not go away and it hit my vision, it felt like a clanging gong that would not stop. After we were given Malaria 3-day treatment the sickness vanished. The pain was just unbearable.

Last weekend I was invited to a wedding. I was asked by Josina, a local friend of mine, to spend the night there to help with wedding preparation. That was exciting. The idea felt uncomfortable at first but I thought this could strengthen our relationship so I went and I was treated with respect and was introduce to every family member. I felt at home, like I am part of a community. If only there was fluency in my speech, no one could tell that I was different. I feel like I have made a break-through in developing working relationships and trust.


The place here in Mozambique here is great and I must say that words can’t explain it better. The people are so friendly and forever smiling that is what makes me more comfortable.

I met some friends and they have been more than that to me, they have been more like family away from family and they speak Portuguese. And now “eu opreder Portuguese” meaning “I am learning Portuguese”, and I really thank God for making a way for me to know how to communicate with the people. All in all life here is worth living for because God is worthy and I strongly believe that He will make a way for me. I have learned lots of stuff such as every temptation is an opportunity to do good. The spirit of God uses the Word of God to make us like the son of God.

“Ate breve” – see you soon.


Being here in Mozambique is starkly different from how I expected it to be; it’s scorchingly hot here and the way one has to live takes some getting used to. Showering in reed enclosures and jostling for prime position in the toilets with an assortment of creatures ranging from giant geckos to what seems like a million mosquito’s has been the hardest for me.

Living in Mozambique (Bethel Centre) has also had its advantages – the view of the ocean on one side and a view of a lake on the other is truly awesome. The simplified way of life has given me many hours to ponder and reflect.

For me, the biggest struggles have been to make the adjustment from post modern schoolboy to missionary in very poor, quite rural Mozambique and the language barrier, which, at times, seems insurmountable.

The highlights of being in Mozambique have been getting to know some of the YFC staff, the visit of the Americans (Christian Academy of Louisville) and getting to see a whole new side of the coin.

My biggest prayer request would be that God would give me the sense of abandon that would free me to just DO IT! I have had malaria already, but I have made a speedy recovery and I’m going strong.


I have found this country to be beautiful and the people of Mozambique to be so friendly, and also curious. Coming here has been a huge adjustment and God has been stretching me so much. Learning to cope with the differences in culture has been a learning curve that will never be forgotten. Trusting and relying on God has helped me to recognise that we are all different and unique.

The mosquitoes here are terrible. They are absolutely everywhere at all times of the day and night. I have to put o my repellent and be prepared for them, yet sometimes they still zap me. In Mozambique everything is run on Africa time and I have learned to have patience. Although, at times it can be hard, especially when we have to wait two hours for a taxi!

We are currently building our own house in Xai Xai out of reeds. That’s been fun and it will be exciting to live there. We won’t have the luxuries of a normal house, but this will help me appreciate all the things I have at home.

God is working in my life in a new way, beyond what I ever would have expected. His love for me and others around me is becoming so evident. I will never forget this year and I can say I have experienced God with it.

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