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From the Mouths of Children

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 July 2007

We recently partnered up with two ladies (Dawn and Renee`) who have taken it upon themselves to get involved with Pastor Mable in their private capacity. They donated stationary for education, toys to play with and food for the children in her day-care. 3D Outreach was able to pass on some clothes and teddies which were donated to us.

Pastor Mable and the children were overjoyed by these gifts and could not stop saying thank you!!

While we were visiting, we asked to use their toilet facilities and were heart broken to see what they had available – a little enclosure with a crate serving as a seat over what used to be a hole. We would love to give this school a good quality, hygienic toilet facility by rebuilding the current enclosure and replacing the crate with a functional long- drop. Also, we would love to build a more functional classroom, the present structure (a small tin shack that isn’t rain resistant) is just saddening.

We would like to set up a short term team to do either a weekend or a week building project. If you would like to get involved with this project through man-power, time, materials, finance etc. please contact us.

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