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Botswana – A visit with Michael

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 10 August 2007

We received a request from a group to source a missionary in Botswana who they could partner with through short-term trips. And seeing as Michael had called on us earlier in the year when he was in South Africa, to partner with him through short-term teams and bible training. We thought he could be the perfect missionary to facilitate this group. But before recommending him and just sending the group up to Botswana we thought it appropriate to first go and experience his ministry firsthand.

On 13-14 July Rolf, Janine’ and Lennit went to Botswana to meet with Michael Nganate, the pastor and founder of “Covenant Life Ministries”.

On arriving in Serowe (Michael’s village/township) the first thing that struck us was that this “rural” village is more like what we in South Africa would call a “township”. As it has fairly modern housing, tarred roads, the government teachers training centre, the government nurse training centre and also the biggest most beautiful Hospital I have ever seen, running water, flush toilets, and most of the shops we find in small towns in South Africa.

The church or gathering place of “Covenant Life Ministries” (Michael’s ministry) is in a shop which is still under construction. The owner of the building is willing to rent one of the shops to them to use for church gatherings, but the price is a bit steep for “Covenant Life Ministries” as they are still a very young ministry and only have between 20-30 members.

The main focus of “Covenant Life Ministries” is into the community of Serowe, through developing family values, Christian virtues, and general community upliftment.

We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Michael, getting to know some of his leaders and his areas of ministry. All in all, we look forward to working with Michael in the future!!!

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