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October visit to Xai Xai

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 18 October 2007

5 Of our office staff recently traveled up to Xai Xai, Mozambique to visit with our intern team. They have one more month left in the village before they come home to South Africa. It’s often the last couple of weeks of ministry in the year that are the most difficult, therefore we thought it best to go up and offer them encouragement.

We went up with the purpose of giving them the chance to relax and have some fun. We were also fortunate enough to be able to spend some time at Bethel (YFC Campsite), which is an absolutely beautiful place. On one side was a huge lake that shone like a mirror in the sun and on the other, the waves of the ocean on an untouched beach. It was poetic and energising.

We also spent much time chatting with the team, playing games, having good devotional sessions etc. All in all, it was a wonderful trip for the office and the team. We are really proud of the 3D intern team. They’ve done an awesome job under challenging circumstances.

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