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Pretoria to Botswana

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 18 October 2007

3D-Outreach recently organized a mission trip for a youth group from Pretoria. Upon returning, we received the following testimonies from the team:

The outreach to Botswana was really an amazing experience, It was really humbling to see children much younger then me so alive with a passion for Jesus and such an amazingly strong faith. Experiencing a different culture and seeing the different ways people worship God was also really awesome. There are so many ways to have a relationship with God and I was exposed to people relying on Jesus with their all which is something I don’t always accomplish, It was so uplifting to be so welcomed into a church and it gave me a sense of real peace and confidence in the Lord, who can do things we cannot dream of, A fantastic part of the outreach was at the holiday club, when over 100 children just gave their lives to the Lord with such confidence.

“The outreach in Botswana was an amazing experience. It was beyond all my expectations. I thank God for this opportunity and pray I can be involved in future outreaches.”

Albert Monton

Wow. I remember my mom and dad warning me before I left against exotic diseases that existed in Africa (Botswana included). Looking back I would say I was safer in Botswana than am here in Pretoria. We were welcomed first by the cool Pastor Mike, and then his lovely wife, Kgomotso (who’s name took me a few days to remember, let alone pronounce). Everyone from Covenant Life Ministries, their church, welcomed us with open arms, and we were suddenly no longer South Africans, we were Botswaneans- part of their family. It was also quite amazing to see that they had close to nothing at their church, cracked and stained walls, electricity from their neighbors, and not even a cross outside their church, but they showed us none of that is important, just your love for God. They made do with what they had, and praised and sang with their whole hearts.

I remember on our second day, we all participated in house to house ministry. Every house I visited, the owners would welcome us in like family members. We were all rather happy to see that some of the people we visited became regular church-goers thereafter. And it seems God was also pleased, as he softened the weather from a scorching hot to a cool & cloudy. Whatever obstacle or work came our way, we did it with a smile, and together. And we prayed; God was definitely there with us.

We met many children in the time, especially during the children’s club. It was really amazing to see the happiness and excitement and enthusiasm on the kid’s faces when they came to church in the mornings and evenings. And the club was a blooming success! After the club, Nadine talked to, and prayed for and with the children; what seemed like a hundred kids gave their lives to Jesus that afternoon.

We learnt many things over those 5days. About each other, about money exchange calculations… Some of us learnt how to fix a toilet. Others learnt how to use a long-drop. But mostly, we got the experience of a lifetime. We worked together to spread the word of God, to bring hope to lives, to spread enthusiasm and love for God (like through the o so popular “chicken song”-undignified (c)), but we also learnt a great deal, and we made life long friends in just a few days. I still keep in contact with a few of them.

Today, my mom says that since Botswana, I’ve just seemed somehow happier and almost wiser. I tell her, it’s God. But of course, I won’t forget all the people who made this amazing trip possible. Thank you to the 3D Outreach Organizers, this experience was unforgettable… I really can’t thank you enough.


Botswana Dry, windy, Hot Hot HOT.

This was my first impression of Botswana, this perception changed very quickly as soon as we started interacting with the locals. Now I was thinking Bots, cool, still hot, but the people are so kind, caring, beautiful, loving and wow what a heart for God. Geepez these people really know the word of God, mmmm I’m learning some valuable lessons about the people of God, we all the same, after the same thing, yep you guessed get it to know God better, to be true soldiers of Christ, serving God in season and out of it.

A young boy called Lebogang, made such an impression on me, there we were on a hot Sunday evening, we’d just got back from inviting the locals to our evening service. So we were all celebrating because the seeds had been sown, we dancing, singing all my favorite things, and I was standing next to this young boy, he is about 9 or 10 and he was just praising God, from his heart, you could just see it in his face, the passion the need for Christ, mmm really touching.

I could go on forever, but another thing incident that stood out for me was pastor Mike’s care free attitude, He was so open to our suggestions, even we are only just kids, ok maybe not kids, but hey and his gentleness is so amazing.

I learnt that God is the same everywhere; the God I’m crazy about, the one that makes the hairs on the back of neck stand up is getting the same reaction from people across the world. Wow really amazing, the holiday club was just off the hinges, so many kids didn’t actually how to make sure everyone was having fun, but it turned out that everyone had loads of fun, Thank you Jesus.

Ok I think ill stop now, I’m sure you catch my drift.

Thank you so much for organizing an awesome trip, we had loads of fun, praising God, chatting with the locals and making new friends.

Oh just remembered before we left for Bots, at our Sunday service, our pastor said that we should always be aware that we could be the answer to someone else’s prayer, that miracle that someone has been asking God for, and I can testify now that Bots was an answer to my prayers. Just seeing how other ordinary people like myself are being by our king to do extra-ordinary things, and I’m not talking about major stuff but the simple things, like acknowledging other people, affirming them, and letting them know that they are treasured by majesty, Deep hey, I know.

The Botswana experience and outreach was both life changing and awesome. 1 must admit that when we were told about the hut to hut ministries I wasn’t sure what I would expect and I was also worried about the facilities. 1 was surprised that there were perfect facilities and we were hosted in houses with good hosts-this just contributed to the experience. I really enjoyed the holiday club and the times that we went to evangelize people. It was good enjoying and exchanging cultures w ith the people from Bots via song and dance during praise and worship. The most amazing thing about the people in covenant life ministries was that they had huge faith and they were not ashamed to share the good news.

It’s true what they say outreaches really help you grow and God really blessed us. Thanks for everything 3D

Sihle Didiza

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