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Computers for Sparrow Foundation School

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 January 2008

Late last year the teachers and pupils of the Sparrow Foundation School arrived at school to find that thieves had broken in and stolen all the computers from the computer room. The Sparrow Foundation School is a school for children with special needs. The loss of their computers was a big blow to them.

In partnership with the Papillon Foundation we decided to help them by providing them with re-furbished computers, refurbished through Papillon’s MAR (Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher) program. Through this program we would provide Sparrow school with 20 computers and 1 server for their computer class.

This January the computers were made ready and delivered to the school. 20 Computers with fresh installs of Windows XP and 1 server with an open source server install of Untangle (a firewall and web filter server).

From a business perspective our requirements were to deliver the computers. But since this is all ministry we decided we would help them further by installing the computers for them and also configuring the server to manage their Internet connection. Beyond this we decided to also assist them in finding educational software that they could run for the students.

In all our ministry avenues we strive to go beyond the call of duty. To walk the extra mile and help those in need beyond what they expect. This is what true service is all about. This is what God seeks from us when we deal with each other.

Within the next few weeks we will finalise the installation of the educational software on the computers. Soon the Sparrow school computer centre will once again be filled with enquiring minds learning the ins and outs of computers!

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