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January Team Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 January 2008

The team is already in the last week of January training! It has been an intense month of lectures, practical work, spiritual growth and team building. Their basic day begins with 6:00am exercise, followed by team and personal devotions. They have 4 sessions of lectures a day with an hour and a half free time. Their day ends with a team reflection time and prayer at 21:30.

Most Saturdays are designated to practical outreaches and on Sundays the team travel to various churches to experience different forms of worship. The team then has some much needed free time on Sunday afternoons, followed by a team ‘bible study’ in the evenings.

The following is a list of some of the sessions that the team has participated in over January: finances, sponsorship, counseling/inner healing, team building, practical skills, vehicle maintenance & driving skills, children’s ministry, journaling, photography, team dynamics and personality profiles, missions, sports ministry, apologetics, HIV/AIDS training, teaching English as a ministry, Ethno-graphic studies, youth ministry and spiritual warfare.

God has been doing an amazing work in the team member’s individual lives as well. He is doing heart surgery with the majority of the team, but it has shown them how real and tangible our awesome God is. As a 3D-Outreach office we are extremely excited about what God is doing with this year’s team members and know that He has incredible plans for them.

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