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Team Toyota Hilux

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 4 February 2008

Several months ago I presented the 3D-Outreach board with the challenge that we were soon going to need to purchase a double cab for use by the 2008 Missions Internship Team. It is a natural tendency to stress about such a significant purchase, and I found myself asking questions about whether it really was a need, if we had the finances available to pay for it, whether or not a double cab was the right option, and if so, which double cab was right. This time of questioning also forced me to find the balance between taking a risk by trusting God that He would provide even though I knew that the finances were not freely available and being a wise steward of what God has given us by using common sense and intellect.

With this in mind, we began to search the market for an old Toyota Hilux, knowing that Toyota is a trustworthy make and a Hilux would serve the purposes for its intended use. After much pursuit, we found what appeared to be the perfect vehicle through a site on the internet, however the price was higher than we had anticipated, so we continued to pray and search. Eventually, we stumbled upon a dealer and after explaining our situation, he told us about a family member of his who was selling a Hilux. It was not only in good condition and a great color but fit perfectly within our budget. We decided to purchase the vehicle at the end of 2007 and our sponsorship has been incredible, allowing us to pay off the vehicle in full. We have since added a canopy and we would like to thank Beekman Canopies for their great service and generosity in providing a canopy at a more than reasonable price.

There is no question that the Hilux is a true a gift from God. Already, it has been used several times for team travel and has facilitated the transportation of donated goods for practical outreach ministry. Furthermore, as the ministry of 3D-Outreach continues to expand, the number of short-term trips that we are planning is also increasing. The Hilux will be infinitely valuable for both these short-term missions outings as well as to enable our 2008 Missions Internship Year team to be mobile during the outreach phases of their year. What a blessing that we have even greater resources available through this Hilux which allows us to drive out to places and people in need to further the Kingdom of our heavenly Father. We are very grateful for this special gift and thank all our sponsors for their assistance in making the purchase of our vehicle not only possible, but a reality!

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