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A Vertical Weekend

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 15 February 2008

Our Missions Internship Team spent the weekend of 1 Feb – 4 Feb at a team building adventure camp run by Vertical Life (www.verticallife.co.za ) in nearby Krugersdorp. The purpose of the weekend was to challenge the interns to learn to trust and rely on one another as they were forced to step out of their comfort zones and develop as a team.

The team learned to work together through challenges like the human knot, lunch-on-a-log, a blindfolded night walk, and other creative games and competitions, each of which tied into an important life lesson. In addition to these team building exercises, the interns were responsible for everything from setting up camp to building fires, to cooking meals, to washing dishes. They were taught about the flora and fauna of the area along with some key survival techniques like basic and wilderness first aid.

The interns also got the opportunity to challenge themselves and test their own abilities through rock climbing, rappelling, and abseiling, learning vital lessons about trusting God and encouraging each other in the process. Through these activities, they learned to help one another in their weaknesses and depend on one another’s strengths.

Interspersed throughout the weekend were also times of fun and relaxation – day and night hikes, cricket, music and conversation (and roasting marshmallows!) around the fire, and a Sunday morning church service. On Sunday evening, each intern had a “solo time” wherein they were given a quiet place to ponder and reflect on the weekend, the team dynamics, and what God had taught each of them through it.

It was an amazing experience for the interns filled with team and personal victories, and the leadership and staff of 3D-Outreach is very proud of the way the interns approached and conquered the many challenges with which they were faced. We also want to say a special thank you to Matthew Carter and Vertical Life for the time, energy and experience that you invested in the 3D-Outreach interns!

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