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Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 March 2008

On Friday 25th January 2007, 3D-Outreach assisted Multi Ministries in hosting a team from various American Baptist Churches in Illinois and Missouri. We took the team to minister to the local people in the township ‘Embalenhle’, just outside the town of Secunda.

Pastor Emanuel Twala from ‘World of Life’ ministry, joined hands with all the other pastors in the community and put together a programme for the team to follow, including ministering to Schools, Aids Homes, and Clinics. The team were also exposed to ‘open air’ ministry and street evangelism where they handed out the Challenge Newspaper to the locals.

The team lead two tent services and preached at a skills development and engineering school, as well as five of the local churches. All the services were a huge success and our American visitors were warmly welcomed and received with much enthusiasm. We also had the opportunity to participate in kids ministry.

We were witness to many hearts softening and souls being saved and we thank God whole heartedly for paving the way and preparing the hearts of each and every person we came across and for providing the opportunities to witness to them.

The team also preached at a conference for pastors and church leaders. We had guests arrive from as far as 100km away to hear the team speak. The aim was to encourage them and answer any questions they had.Once again, it was huge success.

After a busy and rather emotional week, we bid farewell to our new friends and thank God for journey mercies and our safe return home. The team has continued on to minister further in the Marble Hall area.

We wish to return to the Secunda area to continue work started there, as there is much need to do so. We thank Baba Twala and all the Pastors of Embalenhle for all their assistance and hard work in making this trip such a success, not only for our visitors, but for our Lord Jesus.

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