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US Networking Trip

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 May 2008

As 3D-Outreach grows, our network of relationships must also expand. We recently took a two-week trip to the United States to connect with pastors, churches and individuals and to share the heart and vision of 3D-Outreach.

We were blessed with the opportunity to meet with many people in our travels and made were able to make good contacts in Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It was exciting to see the connections God formed during our travels and we are excited for the potential partnerships He has established as a result of this venture.

During our time in the States, Rolf was also given the opportunity to speak at two different youth groups as well as at one Sunday morning service to encourage the congregation and young people and stir up their passion for missions. The response was encouraging and it becomes more and more evident to us that throughout the world, there are Christians who are longing to stretch themselves further and do more to advance the Kingdom of God.

We want to thank everyone who was praying for this trip as well as the many Americans who hosted us and spent time with us while we were there. God was extremely gracious to us in protecting us over all of our travels as well as establishing good contacts for future ministry together. Thanks also to those who gave financially to make this trip possible and to those who hosted us while we were in the States. We are extremely grateful to all of you for your generosity!

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