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MANI Conference 2008

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 8 May 2008

In February this year we were invited to be involved in the annual MANI conference for 2008. MANI (Movement for African Initiatives) is an African network of mission and church organizations who are trying to work together to advance the gospel through the African continent.

I (Paul) was originally approached to assist the organizers in producing a DVD for the conference. The DVD was given to all delegates and contained a collection of documents, presentations and resources useful to African missions organizations to assist them in doing their work more effectively. During this process I offered my services to set up an IT help desk at the conference and make myself available to the delegates to assist them with their computer needs. The offer was gladly accepted.

During the conference I was able to assist many missionaries and pastors by fixing problems with laptops. Although fixing their computers is an important role the main focus is on meeting and networking; Allowing missionaries to know about 3D-Outreach and what we offer as an organization. Rolf attended the first 2 days of the conference and did a lot of networking and made a lot of good contacts. I remained for the entire conference, fixing computers and meeting missionaries.

Already we are seeing the fruits of our efforts as we start building relationships with missionaries we met at the conference. Many have indicated a need for IT support in their countries. Many more have indicated an interest in hosting teams. We praise God for all the opportunities we have!

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