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Maseru T-Shirt Drop Off

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 June 2008

We received a frantic call on 23rd May regarding a ‘Walk for Life’ event which was to take place on 1st June in Maseru, Lesotho in conjunction with another ‘Walk for Life’ happening on the same day in London, England. The problem was that 1000 t-shirts needed to be delivered to the Senkatana Centre AIDS hospital in Maseru in time for the occasion.

The walk was set up by a UK-based organisation called Crusaid (http://www.crusaid.org.uk) whose focus is on HIV & AIDS and providing help and hope for people in poverty. Crusaid’s ‘Walk for Life’ has become Europe’s largest fundraising walk for HIV and AIDS and has raised more than £175,000 to date. It is on target to raise £400,000 to support poor and marginalised people in the UK and Africa.

The ‘Walk for Life’ t-shirts would not be available for collection until Wednesday 28th May. So on Thursday 29th May, we headed off to Maseru in Lesotho to deliver the shirts. The people at Senkatana Centre were ecstatic upon our arrival and could not believe the shirts had arrived…and safely too. Apparently, just earlier in the day, there had been shooting and other violence in town, events of which we were completely unaware. The protection we had prayed for earlier was definitely upon us and He ensured a safe and successful trip.

This delivery was yet another example of a simple act touching lives in a simple way but making a big difference to those less fortunate than others.

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