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A Trip to Zambia

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 June 2008

Nestled along the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika is Mpulungu, Zambia’s only harbour port. It is the town which Div and Eleanor Du Plessis, of ProChristo Global Missions, call home. It is now also the home of our Intern Team until 31 August. Recently, 3D-Outreach took a three-day trek north through Botswana to this Zambian destination on a multi-purpose adventure.

Paul, our IT specialist, headed up to Kabwe, Zambia, a few days before the rest of the staff in order to give some much needed IT assistance to missionaries there. From the moment he got off the plane until late at night, Paul was diligently sorting out computer problems of various sorts. From virus-infections to crashing hard drives, the missionaries kept him hard at work!

Three days after Paul’s departure, the rest of the office staff as well as the Intern Team began the long bakkie journey north. We were blessed with amazing and unexpected wildlife sightings along the way as we traveled through the dry plains of Botswana and across the ferry into Zambia. In Kabwe, Paul joined us for the last day of driving as we negotiated the badly pot-holed roads leading us to Mpulungu.

The whole group was warmly greeted by the Du Plessis family just before midnight on Day 3. After a good night sleep and some local Zambian food, we were given a boat tour of Lake Tanganyika, followed by a time of sharing with the missionaries. Our second day in Mpulungu began with an early morning prayer walk and a visit to the local market as well as some much-needed maintenance on the vehicles.

With the Intern Team happily settled in their new home, the staff departed before dawn the next morning for South Africa, by way of Malawi and Mozambique. In addition to bringing some garden tunnels and other South African supplies for Div and Eleanor, we had hauled a 4×4 trailer belonging to another missionary family in Malawi. A very long drive later, we were able to safely deliver the trailer, spend some quality time with the missionaries, get a bit of rest and begin the rest of the trek south through Mozambique toward home.

Although a grueling journey at times, our southern Africa trip was a fulfilling venture nonetheless, and we rejoice in being able to fulfill our mandate to be a support and resource to long-term missionaries in so many different ways on this expedition.

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