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Replacing a Carburettor

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 30 June 2008

When things – especially mechanical things – break in South Africa, it’s a hassle, but when things break in a village in the middle of North Mozambique, it can be a nightmare. There is no Builder’s Warehouse down the road, and sometimes the nearest assistance is countries away. That was exactly the situation in which Jonno Crane, a missionary working with the Yao people in Lichinga, Mozambique, found himself in mid-April 2008 when he and his teammates were busy putting in the foundation for team housing and the carburettor for their compacter broke.

For Jonno to spend three to four days of travel to get to South Africa plus the time to locate a carburettor would be costly, both in finances and in ministry progress. So when he called us asking for assistance, we were more than happy to do the legwork for him. We were able to quickly find the carburettor Jonno needed and post it up to him, and their foundation work was resumed within just a couple of days.

Sometimes it’s the simple things which can change a missionary’s world. Sometimes, having someone on the other end of a phone line who can do a little research on their behalf is all it takes. At 3D-Outreach, we consider it a blessing and a privilege to be able to serve missionaries not only through our prayers but through practical means as well, and we are honored to be a link in the chain of God’s purposes!

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