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Intern Team June Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 July 2008

Area of Ministry: Mpulungu, Zambia
Local Missionaries: Div & Eleanor du Plessis (www.ltprayer.org) with ProChristo Global Mission
Time Period: 10 weeks (14 June-31 August)

The Intern Team had a fantastic week of rest and catching up with their family and friends upon their return from the Transkei on 31 May. It was an important time for them to reconnect with sponsors and share their experiences to-date as well as relax a little bit after the last two months of intense ministry. By 9 June, however, they were back in Johannesburg for a week of training and preparation before their next leg of outreach. And very early in the morning on Saturday, 14 June, they began the 3-day trek north to Mpulungu, Zambia.

The journey itself was quite an adventure, from wildlife crossing the roads in Botswana to a distant view of Victoria Falls in Zambia as well as countless hours of driving and even the opportunity to change a flat trailer tire (twice!). But by midnight on day 3, a tired intern team got their first glimpse of their new home.

Mpulungu, located on the southern tip of the beautiful Lake Tanganyika, is Zambia’s only harbour port. It is a poor area and, as could be expected, generates the majority of its income through fishing. During their first couple of days in Mpulungu, the team settled into their new home, took a boat tour of Lake Tanganyika, prayer-walked through the village and the local market, and sampled the local cuisine. They have since had the opportunity to get involved in Children’s Ministry and Prison Ministry as well as planting a vegetable garden and other aspects of the practical side of life in northern Zambia.

We are looking forward to hearing more good reports from the team in the days to come as they continue to explore and participate in the various ministries set before them. We covet your prayers for the team as well as the missionaries they serve – please join with us as we bring the team in Zambia before the Lord on a daily basis.

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