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Zambia Computer Troubles

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 4 July 2008

In June our Intern Team was scheduled to travel to Zambia to join a missionary couple on the shores of lake Tanganyika. The logistics of the trip meant that 2 vehicles would be travelling to Zambia. We determined that here was a unique opportunity to combine different aspects of 3D-Outreach ministry into a single trip. Therefore we decided that we would offer my services to the missionaries in Zambia.

After only a few emails it became abundantly clear that I would need to spend more time in Zambia than was available for the trip. The need was that great. So it was that I found myself on a flight to Zambia 5 days before the rest of the team were due to leave.

I arrived in Lusaka and my work began immediately. Ansie, a local missionary, met me at the airport and took me to her home where computers awaited my attention. From there I was whisked away to Kabwe where the majority of the work awaited. Most of the work was with ProChristo Global Mission where I spent my time removing viruses, cleaning systems and ensuring they had proper virus protection installed.

While in Kabwe I also met missionaries from other organisations and helped them as far as I could. One group had started an Internet café in town, but their equipment was now out dated and mostly didn’t work. The Internet café was no longer operating, but I did help them salvage 5 working, reasonable, computers from the mess, which they are planning to use for computer training.

This trip was a truly unique experience where all aspects of 3D-Outreach’s ministry were able to be combined into a single trip. We truly did meet our vision of being a “resource and support to existing long term outreach”.

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