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Intern Team: The Missionary Perspective

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 3 September 2008

We often report on what the Internship Team has been doing during their various outreaches, but this is an opportunity to hear from the missionaries that they have been working with.

The Intern Team have been with Div & Eleanor Du Plessis (ProChristo) in Zambia for 2 ½ months now and will begin the long journey back to Johannesburg on 29 August 2008.

Thank you to Div & Eleanor Du Plessis for your input. We continue to pray that God will strengthen you in the ministry that you are involved with.

Area of ministry: Good News II Ministry Team, Lake Tanganyika, Zambia.

1) Has the Internship team been a support and resource to you?

The team has definitely been a support to the ministry at Lake Tanganyika. They were very dedicated to the tasks given them. They helped us in the following areas:

Youth Ministry: all four participated in the Sunday afternoon youth meetings. Lehlo worked directly with Callen (local missionary) in organizing a Youth Evangelism Explosion event and spent many hours training all the participants in song, dance and drama. Sue helped with the marketing and designed the banners and posters. Steph helped with the painting.

Prayer: They joined us on early morning prayer walks, praying for the nations and prayer and fasting once a week. While the England outreach group was here, they participated in the evening prayers where we prayed 2 by 2, each evening with another partner.

Children’s Ministry: Ethel (local missionary) has three different places in town which she visits on a weekly basis. Sue and Steph joined her in her visits.

Day Care Centre: Sue and Steph helped Ethel twice a week from 9-12 to teach, play and feed a class of 8 orphaned children.

Adult Literacy: Sue and Steph did a great job in each taking a group of students for Grade 8 English.

Village visits: The team went twice, first on a long weekend with the youth group and then one night with the England outreach group.

Painting of Library Name: Sue and Steph worked hard to get the name painted on the outside wall of the Library. Sue also assisted us in designing the logo for the Day Care Centre.

Physical Work: Lehlo and George were both involved in different gardening, building and painting jobs. George did an excellent job in working with the people on a daily basis. He built good relationships with them and was a real witness!

Renovation of old Garden Furniture: George was given the task to fix, sand and paint a set of garden furniture.
Teaching Mariska: Sue took her for Science and Steph helped with English.

Each member of the team had the opportunity to attend each of our different ministry areas at least once (youth, children, prison, discipleship at Mwanangwa village, Day Care), after which they were free to choose the areas best suited for them.

There was a time during their outreach that they had to remain in Mpulungu all by themselves, with only a few of the workers and they were asked to handled the different areas of the ministry all by themselves. We only relieved them from the ministries where they needed an interpreter. They did great!

2) Was the team trained adequately for the ministry needs that you had?

The team assisted us very well in our needs. They helped in taking the work load off in many areas. They worked together as a team and also fitted into our team perfectly.

We were many times amazed by the overall maturity of the group, not only in personality but also in the way they conducted themselves individually and as a group. There was never any conflict. If there was, they handled it in the group without us knowing about it. In this we know that you obviously trained them very well.

3) Were you able to relate well to the team?

We related well with the team. Together with our two children, we felt like a big family of eight! Each member in the team had a special way in which they contributed towards the dynamics of the family. The 6 ‘children’ grew very close to one another. With our children being all alone in a very remote area, it was an excellent opportunity for them to develop some team skills as well as having friends which they could relate to.

The team also worked very closely with the other missionaries in the team and got along very well.

During their time here, we had a second outreach group (4 more people) for 12 days. The two teams worked very well together and the England team mentioned how they were inspired by the 3D team.

4) Other comments?

We are really impressed by the way the team presented themselves. They obviously have been trained very well. They worked hard, with perseverance and committed to finish every task they were given. They were also very dedicated towards their different duties in the kitchen and garden. They never complained about anything. They were always positive.

Thank you again for allowing us to benefit from your program! We would be more than happy to have another intern group to join us next year!!

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