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Sewing Tracksuits for Lesotho

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 11 September 2008

Small projects can be lots of fun and are very exciting because they create an opportunity for people to use the skills they have at their fingertips and get involved in helping others in a less fortunate position. Small projects allow people with different ideas to put them into practice, involve others and make a difference.

It is always wonderful to see the different needs God places on people’s hearts. The children of a small mountain village in the heart of Lesotho being one of those needs. It is always cold in the Lesotho Highlands, especially in winter, and it was on a recent winter visit here that we discovered that most of the children have nothing to wear except a well worn blanket over their shoulders. Many have nothing on underneath and very few have any shoes.

It was on sharing this story with a friend that she decided to get as many ladies together as possible to sew some tracksuits for these children. She got fabric donated and one Saturday morning, a group of ladies put their sewing machines and skills into action and ran up about 30 tracksuits. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and we look forward now to planning a trip to drop off the tracksuits and bless the children.

It is important for us to constantly be looking at the talents God has given us and to use them for his glory. We are planning to be involved in many more small projects such as this in the near future thus giving as many people as possible a chance to get involved.

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