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August Intern Team Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 12 September 2008

The Intern Team left Mpulungu, Zambia on 29 August 2008 after 2 ½ months of ministry. They were sad to say goodbye to the people whom they have grown to love so dearly. The Zambian people and the missionaries working there have made a lasting impact on each team member. It has been a time in the team members lives that will always be with them.

Though sad to leave, the team was excited about the much needed week of rest that awaited them. The team embarked on a 5 day journey back to Johannesburg and were joined by Janiné, the Intern Team Coordinator, when they arrived in Lusaka. We had decided to use the trip back for a chance to enjoy the scenery and experience all the tastes and sounds of Africa. The team had the opportunity to visit Victoria Falls, see wild elephants, horses, ostriches and more. It was a wonderful road trip through a fascinating part of the world.

When the team arrived back in Johannesburg, they spent a day re-cooperating before setting out to Mountain Sanctuary Park for some rest and relaxation. They had time to be alone, go on a hike, enjoy a South African braai and just do nothing for a while.

After their mini holiday, the team was debriefed individually, and as a group. We then began the process of preparing them for their final leg of outreach in Gaborone, Botswana. The team left on Monday, 8 September to spend 10 weeks in Botswana. They will be working under, and assisting, Desmond and Lara Henry from Open Baptist Church.

Please continue to pray for the team that they may have an abundance of energy and strength for this last outreach. Pray also that, as they begin to think about what God wants them to do next year, their hearts will be able to discern His voice clearly.

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