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Teddy Bears and Tracksuits

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 November 2008

Over the past year, Lesotho has become a very special destination for us. After hearing about our May trip to a small village near the Katse Dam, when we braved the snow and freezing cold, a number of very special ladies got together to sew tracksuits and knit beanies and teddy bears for children in the Lesotho mountains. On 7-9 November, we were privileged to return to that very same village to hand out clothes along with the homemade tracksuits, beanies, and teddy bears.

We were also able to return to some of the houses previously visited which was such a blessing as we were able to reconnect with the people we had met previously as well as see how the Lord had answered our prayers for them. As always, we had lots of fun with the children as well – playing games, telling children’s stories, and sharing with them the love of Christ. One of our team members had the opportunity to lead a Bible study with some members of the local church and a few of the team got to preach at the Sunday morning church service as well. Several team members also shared their testimonies and words of encouragement.

Here is what two of our team members had to say about the trip:

Louwrens – The outreach to Lesotho was a good opportunity to get to know another part of the Body of Christ. Even if it was only to observe and to learn. It challenged me in various ways: my perception of missions, my attitude toward other culturally different denominations and how to align my dreams and where the Lord wants to use me in His Kingdom.

Shona – Thank you so much for the invitation to join 3D on your outreach trip to Lesotho. I really do consider it a privilege to have been part of the team and to have experienced ministry in such a remote and rural area.

Highlights of the trip for me were the children’s ministry – just seeing the delight, pleasure, and appreciation of the track suits and teddies that the ladies had so lovingly made for this trip was more than I could have imagined. The majestic beauty of the Maluti mountains was just a gentle reminder of Gods magnificent creation, and it gave me a real sense of His presence.

A big thank you for the well planned and orchestrated trip – the detail, even down to providing a list beforehand of a few words in the local language, was all greatly appreciated, and provided some good laughs!

Overall, the trip was an amazing experience, and our heart grows for the people of Lesotho each and every time we return.

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