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Trailer Troubles

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 2 January 2009

Often the faithfulness of God is manifest in the most unexpected places….

We recently assisted a missionary by going to pick up a trailer from Malawi to bring it back down to South Africa. The missionary was in a tight situation and needed some assistance in urgently getting the trailer back to South Africa. We only had a five-day window of opportunity for the trip and over 4000km to travel, including five border crossings. In the midst of this seemingly “unspiritual” trip, we were overwhelmed by God’s incredible love and many answered prayers.

From beginning to end, we could tangibly feel the prayer covering over our trip; we actually felt as if the vehicle was sitting in the palm of God’s hand. Over the course of the four-day trip, we went through five border crossings: from South Africa to Zimbabwe to Mozambique to Malawi back to Mozambique and finally to South Africa again. By the grace of God, each of the crossings were uneventful.

God’s faithfulness to us was evident in so many varied ways during our journey. Due to the last minute nature of the trip, we hadn’t planned where we would spend each night, but at the end of each long day’s drive, we always had a safe place to pitch our tents. We were also amazed and blessed by the kindness and friendliness with which we were treated by both locals and officials all the way through Zimbabwe.

We arrived in Malawi on day two, hitched the trailer, filled up our tanks with 35,000 Malawian kwacha worth of diesel, and embarked on the return trip through Mozambique. There, we found ourselves “off the beaten path” on some extremely muddy roads. When we saw a tractor stuck in the mud, we knew that our 4×4 Hilux pulling a 4×4 trailer was in for an adventure! Sure enough, the Hilux got stuck in the mud, but God provided a group of about 15 locals who came to our assistance and helped us pull the vehicle out. A couple other close calls and two punctures later, we found ourselves safely across the Mozambique border and back in South Africa a full day ahead of schedule. Our God is an awesome God!

Thank you so much to all who were praying for us when it was so needed and praise to our heavenly father for answering each of those prayers! We serve an almighty living God and we feel privileged to be his humble servants!

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