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Asia Library Underway

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 16 February 2009

For the past four months, 3D-Outrech has been involved in a book collection project for the starting of a library in Asia. The project is focused on reaching out to university students, particularly those studying English, through the opening of and English club.

Such a club would provide these students with a place to ‘hang out’ and practice English with native English speakers, thereby giving greater opportunity for the formation of relationships. As one of the benefits of joining the English Club, the students would also have access to a library filled with English books which they could loan. The library would also provide materials to help teachers, especially those teaching English.

With the help of Edenvale Baptist Church to collect and sort books, as well as the many generous book donors, we were able to pack nine large boxes of books (about 700-800 books). These books have started making their way across the ocean to Asia. We are very pleased to announce that the English club is now up and running and the library is filling up with books all the way from South Africa. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the project for your help and support in collecting, sorting and sending these books! What a privilege to know that something simple like a book sent from South Africa can be a part of having an eternal impact on the lives of students in Asia.

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