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Tent to Embalenhle

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 16 February 2009

In many areas of rural Africa, large tents are often used as temporary church structures during the process of church plantin. In 2007, such a tent was donated to 3D-Outreach. The tent was pitched in a township outside of Dennilton in early 2008 to enable a local pastor to hold meetings while going about the process of building a more permanent structure.

Over the past year, we have also been working with a pastor in Secunda who is doing an incredible work planting churches in the township of Embalenhle. Their church has been hiring a tent every Sunday at a very high cost in order to hold their services under a shelter. We were delighted, therefore, when we had an opportunity to reolcate the ten from Dennilton, where it had served its purpose for over a year, to Embalenhle where it is greatly needed and can be a blessing to the local pastor and church members.

Within the Embalenhle church, the congregation has impletmented a program called “adopt-a-child” to help care for the orphaned children in their community. These children are “adopted” by couples in the congregation who help provide moral guidance and spiritual input into the lives of the children and act as father- and mother-figures, to include, where possible, the payment of school fees and provision of necessary food and clothing. The money saved through the use of 3D-Outreach’s tent instead of expensive rentals will go toward the running of this and other similar programs in Embalenhle.

We are excited to be able to sow into this ministry in a practical way and to be a part of the expansion of the Kingdom of God in South Africa and throughout the world.

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