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Hands-On Experience

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 17 February 2009

In order for the Intern Team to have an opportunity to practice what they have been learning, we schedule practical outreaches for weekends. Over the last two weekends the interns have had the opportunity to visit two different organisations known as Fremar and Cotlands.

Fremar ( fremar@tiscali.co.za) is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the rehabilitation of socially rejected people. They are dedicated to helping and caring for drug addicts, alcoholics, abandoned children, single mothers, prisoners and destitute people who are living on the streets of Johannesburg.

The Intern Team assisted Fremar in one of their outreach events into the inner city. During this outreach, they assisted in a soup kitchen and had the chance to pray for and talk personally to some of the people who attended. Fremar also runs a farm where they teach people to become self-sustaining, so the team members were able to give the people who came to the soup kitchen an alternative to their current lifestyle. The Intern Team was also given a tour of Fremar’s women’s home and met some of the ladies who had already been through the program.

Cotlands (www.cotlands.org) is an organisation committed to filling the medico-socio-economic gaps in communities by providing a range of services which help ensure the provision of food and security, endeavor to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS, create jobs and foster self-sustainability. To achieve this, all Cotlands outreach projects include food garden initiatives, income generating projects, and educational components.

The Intern Team visited the Cotlands Children’s Home on Valentine’s Day in order to do a fun program with the children. They dressed up in clown and animal suits, played games with the children, told them a story, sang songs together and just spent some time with the children. It was amazing for the team to see how much the children appreciated their attention and love.

The Intern Team will be doing many more small outreaches during their training time, so watch this space for further updates!!

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