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February Intern Team Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 9 March 2009

February was a jam-packed month filled with great lectures and exciting outreach opportunities. We believe in equipping our teams with a variety of skills with lecturers who are skilled in specific areas.

Here is a list of some of the lectures and lecturers from which the team was able to benefit this month:

* Community Development – Credo Mamgayi
* Counseling – Dave Garton
* Time Management – Mike Hagemann
* Prayer – Tony Christian, Warren Melnick & St. Benedict’s
* Worship – Stephen Pohlmann
* Servant Leadership – Grant Bastion
* Sport – Aggrey Ofula
* Testimonies – Bernie Bitter
* Apologetics – Renton Talbot
* Dating & Singleness – Carol Bester
* Practical Skills – Lincoln Lavans
* Authenticity – Bert Watson

They have also had the opportunity to hear the hearts and life stories of people like Barry Funnel, Gus Henrici, Glen Frost, Larry Oosthuyzen and others. Furthermore, the team has been receiving sessions in “Understanding Myself”, “Honest to God” and learning to use English as a tool for ministry.

The team recently participated in a church service with Usindiso (a shelter for a abused women in Johannesburg). They shared their testimonies, lead part of the worship, preached and prayed for the ladies – it was amazing to see God use them! The following weekend they joined BreakThru Life Church on a “Treasure Hunt” as explained by Kevin Dedmon in his book Treasure Hunt. This too was a wonderful experience of God using the team to touch people’s lives.

On a logistical side, the team members have also been appointed to specific portfolios as they learn to become self-sustaining. These portfolios include: Team Leader, Driver & Vehicle Maintenance, Spiritual Input, Equipment, Food & Shopping, First Aid Management, Finance, Photography, and Property.

The team officially now has only one month of training left! Their Commissioning Service will be held on 22 March 2009 after which they will have a week of orientation and then be on their way to their first leg of outreach. Please continue to pray for them during this last phase of training. Thank you for your continuous support!!

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