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Heidelberg Missions Camp

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 4 May 2009

3D-Outreach is passionate about inspiring, equipping, and motivating individuals, groups, and churches to get involved in reaching out to the lost. We currently do this in many different ways, but new and different opportunities are constantly arising. One such opportunity came in the form of an invitation from a church in Pretoria to play a role in an annual youth camp held in Heidelberg.

We were invited to the camp with the purpose of coordinating a number of workshops in which we would prepare and equip campers for an outreach into Rotunda, a local township. This was an incredible opportunity for us to serve the churches as well as to meet and build relationships with some of the local pastors working in the township. To our knowledge, though there is a great need for ministry in the township, there are currently no missionaries working there.

The campers were taught some important cross culture tips and then split into two groups. The first group was equipped to run a soccer clinic, where they would share skills with the locals, all linked to biblical principles. The second group was equipped with some basic skills on doing door-to-door ministry and prayer-walking.

On the day of the outreach, the first group congregated at the stadium and had an incredible time with the soccer clinic. There was a fantastic turnout of locals. Likewise, the second group had an amazing time ministering to people in their homes, listening to their stories and praying for them. In the afternoon, both groups joined as one at the sports stadium for a time of praise and worship, games, skits, and stories with the local children. The fire department was there too, emphasing the community nature of the event, and they soaked everyone with a good spray from their hoses.

After the outreach, we had a session of debrief and sharing testimonies. It was an emotional time hearing all the wonderful things God had done throughout the day and how many lives – of the campers and locals alike – had been touched by the experience. We were also privileged enough to witness five of the campers get baptised in the camp swimming pool. We praise the Lord for transformed lives and the joy of being able to participate in the camp and the outreach!

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