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LifeStraws to Setswetla

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 7 May 2009

On 25 April, 3D-Outreach and about 25 volunteers from the Johannesburg area convened on the banks of the Jukskei River in order to reach out to the Setswetla community. This area of Alexandra township is plagued by alcohol abuse, domestic violence, poor sanitation, regular flooding, and unemployment. This particular project was focused on assisting Vertical Life in distributing personal, portable water filtration devices called LifeStraws.

The volunteers were joined by the Ward Counselor of the area as well as an escort of about 15 members of the Alexandra Community Patrol Team. The first step was to introduce the LifeStraw to the Patrol Team, which we did by taking water straight from the Jukskei and drinking it through a LifeStraw. The Patrol Team was so amazed by the product that several members, including the Ward Counselor, wanted to try it out themselves!

The combined group of volunteers and Patrol Team members then headed into the Setswetla community to find children and pregnant mothers (often the most vulnerable to waterborne diseases) to whom we could explain the use of the product and then distribute donated LifeStraws. The group generated a lot of interest as we walked through the community, and we had some amazing opportunities to visit the local homes, chat with community members, and, of course, explain and distribute LifeStraws.

Many of the volunteers were greatly impacted by the opportunity to experience a small piece of the life of the underprivileged as well as to be a part of meeting people’s needs in a practical way. We continue to pray for the community and the children who received the LifeStraws on 25 April that they will be diligent to use their new LifeStraws even after the novelty wears off. Vertical Life intends to do a follow up visit to Setswetla at the end of May in order to reinforce the importance of water safety and assess the effects of the initial distribution. We praise God for the opportunity to be able to play a part in The Africa Project and we are excited to be a continual support to Vertical Life as they endeavor to change the quality of as many lives as possible throughout Africa!

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