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Intern Team May Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 8 June 2009

The Intern Team spent an incredible month in the village of Madikwe, which is just outside of Rustenburg. They were working with Pastor Lesego Molokoane to impact the community through door-to-door visitation, school ministry, sports clinics, and preaching, among other things. Here are some of the team members’ comments on their time there:

Richard – Indeed, I thank God for using us in various ways while we were in the village of Madikwe. We did door-to-door evangelism as our first ministry, where we saw a great number of people coming to know the Lord. We also visited with the local primary and high schools in the area where we preached at the assemblies and conducted sports clinics with the kids. Many of them received Christ, and we also facilitated the opening of S.C.O. (Student Christian Organisation) at the high school.

Mosa – This month, my team and I had the privilege of visiting one of South Africa’s most beautiful mountainous provinces. We were based in a small village called Madikwe, which is a 2-3 hours drive from the main city of Rustenburg. The community in Madikwe is very welcoming and accommodating. We were hosted by families from the church with whom we were ministering (Faith In Action Fellowship Center). We ministered to people in many different environments, from schools to homes to church youth meetings to women’s groups. The response which we got was outstanding and people were very eager and willing to learn from us. The ministry was amazing. I built a lot of relationships within the ministry and I loved every second of it.

Kevin – God is faithful as always!!!! I am so thankful for where God has brought me and where He is taking me. It really excites me to see the Lord’s goodness. The Madikwe village was so quiet and yes, very peaceful… just the way I like it!! They have long drops for toilets and no hot water, which means that you have to make water hot on the fire. It was a really exciting experience though. I did a lot of door-to-door evangelism, which was so amazing. I loved to see how hungry the people were to receive the Good News. Also, we did a lot of school ministry for primary and secondary pupils. They received our messages and lives were changed. We also did a coaching clinic. With the boys we did soccer and with the girls we did netball. Through all of this, we shared our life experiences with them. It was a real blessing to see young and old want more of God in their lives. This taught me a lot as well. The church we were with was so blessed and excited for us to be with them.

Debbi – Being so secluded from everything, having bucket baths due to lack of running water through the homes, and using long-drops has taught me things I never thought it would. It has really made me appreciate the smaller things in life. Door-to-door evangelism is one of Paster Lesego’s greatest passions. Therefore our team adopted the project the day after we arrived. It was great to meet the people of the village and understand more about their lifestyle and challenges they face. Toward the second week, we headed into school ministries, and since this is where my passion lies, I enjoyed every minute of it. We ministered to the schools in the early mornings, and in the afternoons we spent time doing sports clinics. It was exhausting, but thoroughly enjoyable! Inside the church itself, there were so many ministry opportunities that we didn’t know where to start. As the church has services 3 times a week, excluding the Sunday service, many of us had preaching opportunities as well as the chance to minister to people one-on-one. Mosa and I held a ladies’ meeting to encourage the ladies in the church and to break down hidden issues which often go overlooked. As “Faith in Action Ministries” Church is still being renovated, the congregation and the team got our hands dirty washing the walls and floors and ultimately painting the inside hall. This, I’m sure, was a blessing for both parties.

Zamo – What God did in Madikwe, Northwest Province was amazing. God’s grace has been with us and He used us there, as individuals and as a team. God fulfilled His Word about what He has promised to do when we are obedient to His commands: new souls were brought to Christ and miracles and healing followed us. It was amazing to see it happening. When we were doing door-to-door evangelism praying for sick people, they were getting healed instantly and asking to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour. They meant it in their hearts and it was an amazing experience to see that. I was able to build some relationships even though the language was a barrier sometimes. Soccer helped me so much, because I was able to do sports clinics and use coaching skills. What truly made it effective though, was the passion shown by the youth. We were given an opportunity to minister to the church physically and spiritually as well. We even painted the church, changing the image of it to a more welcoming and friendly environment. Everything that happened in Madikwe was by the grace of God and because you were praying for us and were behind us.

The team is currently on their mid-year break to have a time of rest with their families and friends. They return to Johannesburg on Monday 8 June for a week of debriefing and orientation as they prepare to head off on their next leg of outreach. They will be departing for Xai Xai, Mozambique on 14 June for two and half months of ministry with Wynand Jordaan, a local missionary there. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

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