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The Golden Hour

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 31 August 2009

3:42am. A rooster crows. A dog barks in the distance. But the soothing sounds of the waves on the shores of Lake Tanganyika quickly bring thoughts of returning to sleep. Many of the men of the village have long ago headed out on the lake in hopes of bringing back fish to sell or eat, and the rest of the village won’t be up for at least another hour, maybe two. The world is still in darkness now, but the golden hour is coming.

Sunrise and the hour before sunset produce perfect light for photos and video footage. It is a time which many in the media field have nicknamed “the golden hour.” And the village is Tongwa, in Zambia, where the 3D-Outreach media department was privileged to spend many “golden hours” assisting a German team from Rada Productions in the filming and production of a video for some missionaries around Lake Tanganyika.

The filming for this video took us first to Mpulungu, Zambia’s only harbour port, and the location of the main mission base. After spending a few days taking footage there, we headed by boat to Tongwa, about 30 kilometers (a 2-hour boat ride) away. Upon our arrival, we spent five days filming Lewis, a Zambian missionary to his own people, in the village he now calls home. In just two short years, the lives of many in the community in which he has been living and working have been transformed through his presence and the presence of other missionaries like him.

Filming in such a remote area has its trials, not the least of which included the lack of electricity to charge batteries and other electronic equipment. Also, we found that the general combination of initial suspicion, followed by unabashed interest in the filming project and equipment – especially among children – proved to be obstacles to effective and efficient video filming as well. Despite these challenges, however, the filming and our time in the village were an incredible blessing. It was amazing to see how God brought three different cultures together to work as a unified team on this video project.

Upon our return to Mpulungu, we had several more days of filming. In Mpulungu, we were able to connect up with a British and South African outreach team as well as film in the market and local clinic. Our time in Mpulungu also afforded us an opportunity to meet the district commissioner who has a love for the people and big visions for the area.

It is always a blessing to be able to see and experience and record the lives of missionaries through various forms of media. We have been privileged to walk in the footsteps of Lewis for a couple of weeks, experiencing just a little bit of his life and ministry and we pray that the video that comes out of our time in Zambia will effectively communicate his story to others, to the glory of God.

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