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Sometimes, It’s The Simple Things

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 29 October 2009

What must it be like to want to study the Word of God but be unable to because you cannot read? In a place like Swaziland, with a high illiteracy rate, this is the norm. But Luke is on a mission to change that for the Swazi people through the recording and introduction of Talking Bibles, an audio version of the written Word. To do this, he needed a place (in Swaziland) to do the recording, as well as a local Swazi speaker. And for that, he needed some networking help. This is where 3D-Outreach came into the mix.

It seems like such a simple thing to introduce one missionary to another, yet it was this very simple task which opened the door for Luke’s Swaziland ministry. An American who normally resides in Mozambique, Luke contacted us because he was coming to South Africa and wanted us to introduce him to some contacts in Swaziland during that time. We had a very short window of time in which to go into Swaziland, introduce Luke to missionaries with whom we’re in contact, find a local Swazi speaker who would be able to read for the recording, and make arrangements for the recording process. The logistics and administration which go into such a project are quite intense. Luke and his organisation needed to set up a “studio” – which is basically an isolated room padded with mattresses for a sound buffer. And there, in that homemade studio, without any fancy background music or voices, they needed local Christians who would be able to simply read through the Word of God in their local language so Luke and his team could record it.

In the less-than-15-hours that Luke had available to go into Swaziland, we were able to meet up with several different missionaries and missions organisations. Soon after crossing the border, we started on an adventurous dirt road route which deposited us a couple of hours later in Manzini to meet with the first missionary. There we had some amazing discussions, shared similar visions, and heard a little bit more about the current state of Swaziland – a country whose population has been decimated by AIDS, dropping from 1.2 million just a few years back to 900,000 today. From there, we headed on to Mbabane where we linked up with YWAM Swaziland and had the opportunity to share in the setting up of their new center. Time flew and before we knew it, the day was coming to a close so we raced off to the border to make it back to South Africa before the border post closed for the evening. We made it within minutes. But our prayers and the prayers of Luke’s team were answered. Within that short span of time, we were able to set Luke up with the contacts that he needed, and subsequent to that trip, a team from the States came through to Swaziland to assist with the recording. We are pleased to announce that the Swazi recording is now completed and the Talking Bibles in Swazi will soon be reproduced and ready for distribution – praise be to God!

It seems like such a simple thing to introduce one missionary to another. But that’s exactly what was needed for Talking Bibles to penetrate Swaziland. It seems like such a simple thing to make a Bible recording. But it takes people who are willing to step out and do it. It seems like such a simple thing to have an audio Bible in a person’s local language. But, as one missionary said, “it’s like the Reformation, all over again!” As always, our mighty God is in the business of taking the simple things and making them great.

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