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Chapter Endings and Beginnings

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 7 December 2009

Our Intern Team has reached the end of their year! After very successful outreaches in Secunda, Madikwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland, the interns bid their farewell and set off to plan new adventures for 2010. We asked two of them to share their experience of the year.

Debbi Perold:
I remember arriving on the first day of team – wide-eyed on “cloud nine!” I was about to embark on one of the greatest journeys of my life – a dream that began eleven years ago. Little did I know that I would finish this year as a completely different person. I walk away not only starting a new chapter in my life, but starting a whole new book! I found who I am in Christ – who He created me to be. The challenges I faced, the pain I saw, the heartache I encountered…all of these drew me closer to God and made me realise that He is the only one I can trust and depend on. I realised that missions is not “out there” – it is not somewhere in Africa under a tree, healing the sick. Though all those things are important, missions/ministry is a lifestyle – it is taking up our cross daily and following Him. Through my year, as with Peter in the gospels, I got to the end of myself and stopped living a performance-based Christianity. I learned to live out of the overflow of the love of Christ for me and what He did on the cross for me. It is impossible to complete a year of team and not be changed from the inside out. Praise God!

Zamo Ngobo:
3D-Outreach has helped me to bring balance in my life of ministry. It was a year of being impacted and impacting other people’s lives. I learned that my relationship with God is more important than the ministry in which I’m involved. I learned that if I’m empty, there is nothing for me to give. I cannot exchange this year for anything else. I have experienced spiritual warfare, gained many new tools for ministry and life, and gained a better understanding of missions. I would like to thank 3D-Outreach for what they have done for me this year. May God bless you for everything you did, just as He did in my life. I’m truly grateful.

3D-Outreach would like to thank all our supporters in prayer and finance – without you we would not be able to do what we do. You help to make a difference in a hurting world. May you be blessed through the words of these testimonies and the knowledge that you are leaving your mark in places you might never have visited. We praise God for you and give Him glory for the reward you will surely receive.

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