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Through the Lens

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 31 December 2009

Our latest video trip took us to the metropolitan city of Gaborone, Botswana. Both the city itself and the church with whom we were working were striking in their diversity – over 38 nationalities were represented in the church alone, praying and praising together in unity. What an experience! Though the trip itself was not very long (only six days in total), we packed the days as full as we possibly could. The overall project was an ambitious one as it essentially consisted of three different parts which were, in some ways, entire projects unto themselves.

The first focus was on the Thamelo Feeding Scheme, an outreach of the local church into one of the poorest areas of Gaborone. There, children – many of whom are orphans – are fed a hot meal once a day and given the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus through Bible stories and singing. Many of the children were very excited about the presence of the video camera and we found that we often had a following of inquisitive youngsters as we took footage. It became a bit of a challenge to capture them unaware, but once Bible stories and the feeding began, they seemed to become less focused on the camera and more interested in carrying on with their normal activities.

The second focus led us out onto the streets of Gaborone where we conducted many interviews at random, asking people about their thoughts on the church and God. Our primary objective in this exercise was to find out what keeps people away from the Church and our hope for this project is to create a video which will show how the Church can help answer many of the questions that the “average person” is asking in their hearts. We found that, while many people were reluctant to speak on camera, there were quite a few who were willing to share their thoughts and views – and we definitely got some interesting answers to our questions in the process!!

The third focus consisted of capturing the activities of the church and youth events on video in order to share what goes on inside the walls and what the church can offer the community. For this, we attended several meetings and functions of the church to gather footage and we conducted many interviews with youth and churchgoers as well. The aspect that struck us the most about this particular church was the number of times we heard people in their interviews talk about this diverse church as a “family.”

Our time in Botswana was a blessed one. The warmth and welcome of the church body was amazing, and they truly made us feel at home in Gaborone. We ran into many challenges from power outages at inopportune times to last minute changes in schedule, but we have seen time and time again how God can use even the unexpected events for His glory. We are so grateful for God’s hand of blessing and protection over the trip and we are excited to see how God brings together the final video product!

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