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Summer Camp 2009

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 26 February 2010

Every December a national youth camp is organized in Barkley West that hosts about 1000 teenagers. There are usually two 5 day camps that run consecutively in order to accommodate such a large number of young people. The camp boasts some amazing speakers, activities and workshops. 3D-Outreach has the opportunity to offer a missions workshop that consists of training and a practical outreach into the local community.

In planning our workshop for the 2009 camp we realized what a wonderful opportunity we had with the Soccer World Cup on our doorsteps. We decided to focus our workshop on Sports Ministry and asked Bernie and Gary from Ultimate Goal to come and do training for us. Ultimate Goal has a vision to mobilize and empower the Church to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through the platform of the 2010 soccer event (www.theultimategoal.co.za).

In total we had approximately 300 young people participate in our workshop. The campers received training and were then taken to a community close to Barkley West to practice what they had learnt. The community responded really well and joined in on all kinds of sport activities, life skills teaching and gospel sharing. Both the community and the campers were deeply impacted by this experience.

Some of the campers later posted some comments on our Facebook group and with their permission we have added them to this article:

Kate Solomons One of the best things I’ve ever done. I never knew that there was a thing called “Sports Ministry” and now I love it. It’s an amazing way to communicate with people. :) ♥
Brendon Caddick The Outreach at summer camp was so amazing and eye opening – will do it again any time
Naledi Molisalfe What I experienced at the outreach this year left me hungry for more of God’s great work! Pray it blesses more people in the new year!
Daeven Carstens Had a very memorable experience at the 3D Outreach workshop this year at Summer Camp! It was my first time! I will definitely go again!

3D-Outeach would like to thank everyone who was involved in this project both practically and in prayer. We’re looking forward to many more testimonies in the future!

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