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Posted by 3D-Outreach on 7 October 2010

In June 2010 we assisted in a missions trip for a group from Port Alfred. We trained the team, arranged the trip logistics/program and connected them with a ministry in Fort White. The testimonies and growth that came from the trip were amazing and we would love to share some of their experiences with you:

“It was lovely to see how, despite the weather, the children from the community came in their dozens each day to not only play, but also to learn choruses, memorise Bible verses and hear the Word of God. The friendliness and hospitality of the local community was also very inspiring during our visits to the village. To share all this with a very motivated mission team was for me, most enjoyable and uplifting” (Dudley Emslie).

“The mission trip that I attended, along with a bunch of really excited brothers and sisters from my church was an amazing experience. For most of us it was our first mission trip, but that did not stop God from working His will. It was a blessing to see the amount of growth that occurred in such a short time. I think we are all ready for another trip to glorify God” (Ross Pilkington).

“The mission trip was an amazing experience, really life changing. I think every Christian should go on one it really helps someone grow spiritually” (Joshua Kidd).

“One of the things that stood out to me while I was at Fort White was that the children were eager to love and be loved. They weren’t afraid to hug you, and they would sit as close to you as possible if not on top of you! I really enjoyed being with the children, and also the time I shared with the whole team. If I got given the opportunity to go once more, I definitely would” (Samantha Webster).

“Going on the mission trip to Fort White was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I definitely have a new heart for missions and for the people around the world who don’t know Christ. Going on that trip has helped me in so many ways, I really felt God all around me” (Robin Aldeia).

“There is no doubt that the trip to the Fort White mission station was a breath taking, awe striking, life changing experience. The thing that to me stood out the most was watching as attitudes were changed and turned right round. I was greatly privileged to not only have the opportunity of serving the missionaries on site and the children we were ministering to, but I was also greatly blessed to have the opportunity to serve my team (I was their personal chef). When we arrived at Fort White the mentioning of kitchen duty one could tell was a dreaded subject, but, by the end of the five day period we were there for, attitudes that had caused everyone to flee from the kitchen had subsided, and even those whom I’d never thought would dare offer help God gave a new attitude of service to. God worked in the most peculiar ways again” (Jasmine Webster).

“Our mission trip to Fort White was one of the most amazing mission trips that I have ever been on. I was greatly blessed to see each of the members of our team grow to new depths of spiritual growth. The opportunities that we had to minister to these communities were amazing. I am looking forward to a continued partnership with the mission at Fort white” (Brett Taylor).

The team participated in a Holiday bible club, home visitation, sports ministry, a prayer walk, devotions, practical work etc. We (3D-Outreach) were very impressed by the team members willingness to get involved and positive outlook. They were an incredible blessing!!

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