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A Missional Journey

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 8 October 2010

We had a very unique short term trip in July 2010. The purpose of the trip was two fold: an exposure to the world of missions and exposure to the ministry of 3D-Outreach.

We were contacted by Dr. Allen Schuyler from Charlotte, North Carolina with regards to organising a short term trip to Africa. He explained that his vision was to use the trip as research for helping his church to adjust their structure to enable them to release their members to form mission groups that would engage their city and the world. On this basis we organised a trip that incorporated missionaries from South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Each missionary that was visitied was asked to describe their specific ministry as well as their vision. We chose a diversity of ministries in order to give a better understanding of the variety of mission focuses that exist.

Furthermore, Dr. Schuyler was accompanied by David Reese who is heading up our 3D-Outreach States office. The main objective for him was to gain a deeper understanding of how 3D-Outreach functions. We ensured that the missionaries that were visited had been affected by the ministry of 3D-Outreach. The ways in which we ministry is as diverse as the needs of missionaries. David was exposed to everything from ministries that benefited from our Intern Teams to practical avenues that were used to support missionaries.

Here are some of the comments we received after the trip:

Thanks first to God for opening my eyes up to how missions can be done with a willing heart to follow Him. For eight days I toured with 3D Outreach into four conutries and saw ordinary people willing to be used by God, working with the gifts they already had on mission fields. From a tent to worship in, or a Pastor called to a new place and gathering in his home and now a church building, to bringing a suitcase of items including talking Bibles, to a place of worship and learning without electricity and running water, to youth for Christ, and a chapel at a truck stop. Wow! God found some fantastic ways to spread His word to people.

One of the biggest blessings was hearing how 3D Outreach gives them some needed support. All of them remarked about the gift 3D gives them in just having a relationship with them. Then there is the tangible support given by helping when possible to meet their needs that way as well. Again someone seeking God, and seeing the need and being available. I am excited to see that missions is very much alive and moving forward, and I am very humbled by the missions tour I have been on with 3D Outreach. Can’t wait to be more involved and do all 2500 miles again. Thanks 3D-Outreach for your time and energy and your willingness to serve our wonderful Lord.

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