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A Kenyan Miracle

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 11 October 2010

3D-Outreach received a call from a radio station in Kenya who ministries to five of its neighbouring countries. The radio station was in need of an electrician who could assist in sorting out the electricals in the building. They were literally extinguishing little fires caused by faulty electricals. This one practical problem was threatening their ability to minister successfully.

In conjunction with TWR (Trans World Radio) we were able to send some help to Kenya. It was a real reminder of the impact that something so seemingly small could make on the fulfilment of their vision. It also proved that every person can be involved in missions when they use the gifts and skills which they have in their hands. An electrician, for example, may not have the gift of preaching or evangelism, but he is able to ensure that the platform for ministry is ready. This is as important as upfront stage ministry.

The team that was sent to Kenya successfully rewired and repaired the faulty electricals – sometimes having to work with live wires! The story however does not end there. The team member we sent became friends with one of the presenters. This presenter had found a way to minister into one of the surrounding “closed” countries. He was making such an impact that people would phone him directly just to be able to hear more about God’s love. Unfortunately, his cellular phone was too old and outdated to keep up with all the voicemail recordings.

When we heard of his dilemma we knew there must be something we could do. During a presentation at a missions breakfast, the story of this Kenyan presenter was shared and after the presentation a man came to donate a brand new phone with all the necessary functions. We have sent the phone to Kenyan and have been overjoyed to hear of how it has changed and improved the presenter’s ministry. He can now effectively connect with even more unreached people!

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