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Pebane, Mozambique

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 11 October 2010

In May we assisted the BMD (Baptist Mission Department) with a short term outreach to Pebane and Moebase, Northern Mozambique. We worked with Norman and Gail Frost who are missionaries in the local community.

We set out with a team of 7 and two vehicles on a full two day’s drive. The team was ready and excited about the opportunity of serving in missions in an area they had never visited. The team was diverse in gender, race, age and experience which created a wonderful platform for different gifts and skills.

We met up with Norman and Gail in Pebane, a community on the coast on Mozambique. There we had the opportunity to do hospital visitations, prayer for the sick and showing the Jesus film. We were also given the history of the area and introduced to the market and town. From Pebane we went to Moebase, a little village further inland.

We had the privilege of staying on the Chief’s property in our tents. We also spent time doing door-to-door visitations, open air evangelism, the Jesus film, children’s ministry etc. Norman and Gail were intent on giving every person on the team the chance to be involved and this was a great way to strecth each team member beyond their initial expectations.

All in all, it was an outreach that caused many of the team members to grow personally and expand their view/understanding of missions. The community was deeply touched by their visit and were sad to see the team leave.

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