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Cornerstone College Outreach

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 20 October 2010

We were privileged to work with Cornerstone Christian College in Cape Town this year. The Community Developer for the SRC (Student Representatives Council) is one of our past Intership girls. We asked her to write an article for us about their outreach.

We started conversing with 3D-Outreach about a short term mission for Cornerstone college in December 2009. 3D-Outreach met with us, did some training and connected us with a local Cape Town ministry called Living Hope. We then got to work on organising a team to do an outreach to Red Hill.

Red Hill is a community that is divided into 3 camps: top camp is the coloured community – Afrikaans speaking; middle camp is the black community – Xhosa speaking; and bottom camp is made up of other African countries.

Our team left early on Monday 6th September after the college lecturers commissioned and prayed for us.
What did we do there? …

Our main focus was minister with the community. The temptation is too great to just go there and burst in and be the hero’s, doing everything for the community and go home with a whole lot of ticks on the checklist but no relationships built. However, the moral of this statement is so true: “If you catch a fish, it will feed a person for a day; but if you teach someone how to fish, it will feed them for a lifetime”. We wanted to teach the community daily skills that they could gain some knowledge from; that would help them with their day to day life in the future.

Every morning our team would lead devotions; but we would walk down from top camp [where we lived; in the pastors house] and meet the community forum in the middle camp church. After that, there was a session to do ministry – the biggest project was making a chicken coupé. The boys’ did that; with the community. The reason behind this project was because Red Hill has a lot of random chickens running around, eating the people’s gardens. By building a chicken coupé, it would obviously prevent them running around but also the eggs are a source of protein for the people. Other ministries included: clearing an area where the community is able to plant a medicinal herbs and a food garden; admin work; English tutoring; setting up a library; and door-to-door visitations. The team divided themselves up into all those different things – into the areas that they were passionate about and also so that more things could get done in a shorter space of time.

Every day in the late afternoon, Mzo [a full time worker, who lives in Red Hill] would have kids club and Kendra [a volunteer from America] would lead teen club. These ministries were already established and so the team would just join in. Some of the team members would have to share their testimony at teen club; and at kids club we had to make up a skit, according to the theme of what was being taught to the kids. We didn’t do ministry every evening; however we did do some. On one of the evenings, our team met at middle camp and we had a guys/girls evening.

Every mission trip that I go on; I realise the importance of being able to be flexible. One morning we arrived for devotions and the boys’ still had a lot of work to do on the chicken coupé before it was finished; so the pressure was starting to rise because then we only had about 3 more working days to spend on the coupé. We arrived at devotions and the mood was quite tense; only to find out that one of the ladies houses in the community had burnt down. I was so proud of my team because they immediately recognised the change in priority and said: what can we do? They wanted to rebuild her house; however the resources had not yet arrived from Living Hope. Their flexibility was fantastic.

As I mentioned, one of our main focus points was to build good relationships. It is only through having a foundation of relationships, that we can share the Gospel with other people. It is very exciting because before we left, Cornerstone created a long-term partnership with Living Hope – this means that our relationship with Red Hill is going to be continued into the future.

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