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Meet the 2011 Interns

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 27 January 2011


My name is Tarrryn Hoffman, I am 23yrs old and I come from Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I joined 3D’s missions internship team because I really want to learn more about missions. I also really want to touch other peoples’ lives and have an impact on them for the glory of God. I want to spread God’s love to those who really need to hear about it. I pray that through this year I would grow as a person, and that my relationship with God would be strengthened, and reach new levels. As I impact others I pray that I too would be impacted and never be the same again.

Hello, my name is Moshibudi Phala. I am 22 years old and come from Auckland Park, Johannesburg. My hometown is Motetema, in Limpopo. I decided to join 3D Outreach to widen my view of who God is, who God is to me and who God calls me to be. I really wanted to take this gap year to learn new things and discover where I can best serve God with a great drive and passion for the duration of my life.

Hey!!! I’m Elsie Oosthuizen (19), a South-African who lives in a little town called Delmas. My heart is in outreach, but that’s not why I’m here, I’m here because God called me. What do I want out of this year? I want to know the plan God has for me next, because God doesn’t give the big picture, He gives you parts of it so I’m just doing what he wants from me next. I see myself as something small that can make a big difference. God bless!!!

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