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Summer Camp 2010

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 8 February 2011

Every December we are invited to host a missions workshop and outreach at a youth camp in Barkley West. Our first day consists of an hour and a half training session after which, on the second day, the campers are taken on a practical outreach into a local community.

Our theme for the 2010 outreach was “Connect the Dots” which relates to James 2 – the practice of connecting the dots between what we say and what we do (faith and deeds). We worked with a neglected Primary school in a small farming community about twenty minutes from the campsite.

We divided our 280 campers into groups of ten and gave each team a project that would uplift the school. Some of the projects included: painting, restoring jungle gyms, planting trees, demarcating sports fields, creating posters, cleaning classrooms, general maintenance, litter removal, food drop offs and much more.

The campers put their hearts and souls into every project and by the time the day had ended, the school looked like it had had a facelift! During a time of debriefing, the campers mentioned that this outreach had taught them about how possible it is to do something that will make a difference to a community.

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