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Branching Out

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 9 February 2011

The amazing news is that during 2010, God made way for us to open an office in the States, and start the process for an office in London as well! The story goes as follows: –

God planted 3D-Outreach about 6 years ago, and it seemed as though all was on track, without a thought or any hint of branching out to international territories for the next 10 years at least! Then 2010 started, and many of our human plans and ideals seemed sidelined. We started the year with goals, visions and thoughts for the future, but God had other ideas. God seemed to close doors on many of our plans, which made our human efforts seem futile. At the same time, we suddenly realised that God was opening other doors.

One random day, we received a message from one of our contacts that we made in the States, saying that the Lord had unsettled his life, and may be stirring him to be involved in missions full time. He continued to share how much he believed in the 3D vision, and wondered if it would be possible to start 3D in the States. Little did he know how God was working on the South Africa front. Before we knew it, we were talking seriously about the possibilities, discussing it with our board, and making final preparations. It was all approved, and a trip was planned for David to come and visit Africa to see first hand what we are really up to. We are truly blessed to have David part of 3D, and we are all very encouraged to hear what God has been doing in the States through 3D already! In the last while, David has organised office space and facilities through one of the local churches. He has been meeting with local pastors and church leaders to share with them. He has been attending conferences and putting up displays to further awareness. He has set up a board to be accountable to in the States. And, he has been organising a missions camp. I am sure there is more, but those are some of the amazing things that God is doing, when we walk through His open doors!

As mentioned, we are equally encouraged to be establishing in London as well. We went mid last year to visit in London and test the waters. So far, there is a team that has got together in order to start the registration process in the UK. It seems like it is long process, but we are encouraged that God has provided skilled and willing people to oversee the budding time.

We praise God for what He is doing, by growing us into new waters. Please continue to pray for these sites, as we continue to seek His face as to other areas around the world.

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