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Exploring Northern Mozambique

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 10 February 2011

We have reported about Luke a number of times in the past – he is a missionary working in Mozambique that we have come to love and respect. Primarily, his ministry involves the recording of the audio Bible in local languages so that illiterate people are able to hear the Word of God.

Over the last few years, he has built up his ministry to such a point that he is confident to leave it in the capable hands of local church leaders, thereby allowing him the opportunity to further his reach into other areas of Mozambique and Africa.

It was such a desire that brought us to take Luke and his assistant to Northern Mozambique. We met up in Beira and were set the next day to travel to Nampula, which is 12 hours drive north.

The plan was to further travel in the northern provinces of Mozambique, but God made a way for us to meet up with the right people and we were able to return sooner than expected to establish these meetings back in Beira.

A further miracle happened that trip – a local South African church was needing to send some items to one of their missionaries in Mozambique. We found out that the closest town to the missionary just happened to be Nampula. Sadly, it seemed like we were going to miss each other, as the missionary was meant to be in his home village (3 hours from Nampula) and his wife was still in South Africa for personal reasons. The day we arrived in Nampula, the missionary’s wife ‘just happened’ to return from SA and the missionary ‘just happened’ to come in to Nampula, and we all ‘just happened’ to sleep over at the same accommodation… Needless to say, we had a great time of fellowship and their items were safely delivered.

We praise God for safe travels and God ordained meetings.

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