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Lausanne Conference

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 10 February 2011

It was reported in the news, Christian magazines, newspapers, and many pastors / Christians have spoken about it for the past while – After years of preparation, Cape Town 2010 Lausanne Conference finally arrived, and in the end was host to about 4500 people from 190 different nations! It was said that it was “the most diverse and most representative gathering of evangelical Christian leaders in history, connecting some of the keenest minds from the global church with some of its most creative and influential practitioners”. The Lausanne conference is a first world conference that is by invite only, and has only ever happened on 2 other occasions since its conception in 1974. Even though South Africa was the host country, it was only granted 120 seats. 3D-Outreach was one of these delegates.

Apart from all the hype that a conference of this magnitude brings with it, it was quite an experience to simply be a part of something that links one to the other leaders such as Billy Graham, John Stott and the like. They were some of the founding members, as they together re-affirmed Biblical concepts that are essential to evangelism. In his wisdom, Billy Graham had this to say in the infant stages of the conference – “the church has to apply the Gospel to the contemporary world and to work to understand the ideas and values behind rapid change in society”. In reality, this is still critical for our thinking in 2011.

The conference gave many opportunities to network with key Christian leaders from around the world and learn together on different methods / opportunities to reach out to the nations. The numerous workshops also gave helpful content of the latest trends and topics regarding missions. In this light, it was invaluable to sit at the feet of some of the worlds leading speakers, such as John Piper.

Sadly, for various reasons, the Chinese delegation was unable to attend the conference. This in its own was an emotional awakening, to be aware that it is not as easy to serve the Lord in other parts of the world. There was a special prayer time for the persecuted church.

In the end, the conference has some solid ideals, having the desire to “promote unity, humility in service, and a call to active and authentic global evangelisation”. It was truly a privilege to join in such a historic event.

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