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March Intern Update

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 19 April 2011

The Intern Team is now into their fourth month and they have experienced so much growth and change in their lives. Half way through March they completed their Inside-Out course, which focuses on understanding themselves and allowing God to heal their wounds. They learnt about their different personality styles, strengths, weaknesses to be improved upon, gifts and talents.

After enjoying a weekend of fun and relaxation with us, they were back to learning and being equipped. The next leg of their training included preparation and training for rural outreach. They were exposed to HIV/AIDS training, sports ministry, children and youth ministry, using dramas and mimes to minister etc. The team was then divided into three groups to go and practice everything they had learnt in a rural area. Their experience will be reported upon at the end of April.

We asked the girls to share something with you of the last month:

Elsie: We have finally completed Inside-Out and I am on such a Spiritual high that I feel like I could take over the world! I trust God and know that He wants only the best for my life. I have been tested and taught to listen and learn from God. He showed me many places in my life that needed attention and we are in the process of working on it. We had to write our own mission statement this month and I would love to share it with you – “I live to be a counsellor who helps and cares for woman, to see them heal spiritually and emotionally”. I feel that God is calling me to work with woman who are in pain and I know that He will show me how to be a compassionate light that shines in their lives.

Tarryn: During this past month I finished the discipleship programme (inside-out) and I have started ministry training in preparation for our first outreach. I have been learning all kinds of ways to share the gospel including some cool rope and paper tricks. I have also enjoyed learning more about youth, children and sports ministry, this includes doing mime, drama and puppet shows. I also got the opportunity to help out at a children’s club that happens every Saturday morning at Mamelodi. It was so good to be with children again, and I loved being able to serve and get to know some of the children.

Moshibudi: These past seven weeks have been the most incredible yet challenging seven weeks of my whole entire life. During the past weeks I found out that I was selected along with another team member to co-lead a team of trainees for the rural outreach. Oh my, I was so terrified when I heard the news, more terrified for the poor trainees than myself… but just learning that the one who calls us is really faithful and He will do the work (1 Thessalonians 5:24). I realised that I am incapable out of my own strength but God has the power to win the battle for us. It has really been hard coming into that role as co-leader and just having so much responsibility over us but it’s really for God and not for our glory. I have also written a personal mission statement which is – I exist/live to be a discipler and server who experiences life with corporates and youth to see them become kingdom-minded and passionate followers of Christ.

Please continue to pray for the team as they go into their fourth month. Many of them are missing their family members and friends back home. Pray that they will be strengthened to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for all your support!!

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