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Posted by 3D-Outreach on 5 May 2011

3D-Outreach has been involved in a number of training opportunities this year. These opportunities have included giving training, receiving training and partaking in vital missions forums.


A church in Edenvale, Johannesburg recently asked us to come and do some missions training for their outreach committee. We dedicated two Saturdays to training the group on various aspects of organising an outreach trip. Some of the topics we covered included: cultural awareness, border crossings, budgets, traveling tips, working with a missionary, getting a team together, logistics & planning, setting up a program and so forth. The group felt that the time of training was very beneficial and would be invaluable in the upcoming outreaches that they will be arranging.


3D-Outreach had the privilege of being invited to attend the Lausanne Conference held in Cape Town last year. The conference had delegates from all over the world and each country was encouraged to continue discussions upon returning home. A follow up discussion for the South African delegates was held in the West Rand of Joburg in March this year.


A conference was held earlier this year for leaders of Christian organisations. The purpose of the conference was to evaluate and determine the health of an organisation and discuss ways of improving “weak spots”. The conference addressed issues like unity, communication, conflict, biblical attitudes etc. As 3D-Outreach we found the material and interaction to be highly insightful on the journey of aiming to be the best we can be.


One of our tasks within 3D-Outreach includes mentoring people. This mentoring occurs in our Gap Year program and with individuals who have a heart for missions and are on a journey of discovery, amongst others. We were able to attend a week long training clinic on the various styles of mentoring, the development of skills and much more. Once again, the lecturers, the material and the interaction were invaluable and we are excited about implementing these acquired skills.


A group of short term outreach leaders gathered in April to discuss the different dynamics around organising short term mission trips. We discussed the benefits, the pitfalls, the dangers and ways of improving the overall experience. The issue of culture shock, cultural offense, training methods, time periods and maximum effect were spoken through as well. It was a very interesting session as we listened to a plethora of leaders give their input and opinion. It is in times like these that we are able to grow and learn from one another.

We are firm believers in continuously learning and being equipped for the ministry we are involved in. This year has been an exciting time for us as we’ve grappled with difficult topics, expanded our knowledge and been able to pass on what we have learnt to others.

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