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Amazing Visits

Posted by 3D-Outreach on 6 May 2011

It is always a joy to be able to meet with new pastors and missionaries who are doing amazing things for God. The following two meetings are great examples.

It is an unassuming area of South Africa, but Zeerust is home to incredible people and incredible activity. Our meeting all started through one of the radio presenters from Radio Pulpit. He gave us a call to express his passion and desire to reach out to his hometown just outside Zeerust. After some time, we arranged to go and visit his home, and meet with the local pastors of the area. We all gathered at the home of one of the pastors in the shade of his veranda. In true Africa style, before we knew it, someone was sent to buy Coke. It was really touching as we said grace before pouring the Coke, and we all enjoyed an ice-cold drink. Our time together was set, as lifelong friendships were made. We chatted into the afternoon, hearing of the various villages, spiritual warfare, and huge plans that the pastors have to reach out to those in need, both physically and spiritually. The time in Zeerust ended with us praying for some of the sick. One of these was a lady that was 102 years old! Even at that ripe age, she was able to touch her toes without much effort. What a blessed time.

On a similar level, our second visit was to Bronkhorstspruit, which has the appearance of a farming community, but is home to the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. In the midst of such a foothold, there is a tiny church that has been planted out of a massive passion to see the local community find Jesus! The church began through divine intervention, as a theological graduate and a local businessman met. After many discussions, they realised that God had provided all that they were needing – the businessman had started a theatre at his house for stage shows that could be used as a church, and the pastor was ready to start formal ministry. The challenge that they presented to us was further training, especially in evangelism and how to better reach out to their community. We brainstormed a number of ideas including sports ministry, children ministry, door-to-door etc. They are open to other groups coming to help in whatever way.

Two totally different visits, but both were filled with amazement, as we were able to witness what God is doing, and where He is calling us as the Body of Christ to be involved!

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